An ISO 9001:2015 AS9100D Company
A Closer Look...

Bront Machining was founded in 1973 by Gary Warlaumont and has always prided itself on quality, delivery and the workmanship of the parts they produce. We have continued to build business relationships from the same Philosophy. 
Bront’s services include long and short runs of many different Alloys, from high-temperature alloys, to phenolics, to many different grades of plastics that require close tolerances and/or assembly. 
The company was started in the garage of the Warlaumont home and after several moves to accommodate the growth of the company, we eventually moved to Dayton, Ohio into a 35,000 square foot facility. Over the years we out grew the Dayton Facility and moved to Moraine ,Ohio to a 90,000 + square foot facility which is our current location. 
Our facility provides the capability to produce and verify a customer's assemblies and product in a very time efficient manner. The equipment used to provide the capabilities of our production shop floor include mills, lathes, and swiss style machining. In addition to the equipment and capabilities, we provide a strong group of trained inspectors and knowledgeable machine operators to verify and validate each component produced in our facility.